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Hi! It's been a long time since I last posted. I'm busy doing videos and getting the final stuff done on the album. We are starting to see the end of the tunnel on the album and I am so encouraged! I'm starting to get excited, too! I have been spending my time going a course on mixing from, learning how to edit live drums, mix and more. It feel good to have some more control over the quality of the songs before mastering.

I have posted some new videos on YouTube to encourage you:

- There is a series called "Mornin' with Elisabeth" which is like a short fun sharing time with some

biblical encouragement.

- Then there are some worship songs. Time w/You is the first one out where I let you in on how I

spend time with God often here at home. It contains 5 original songs uncut, unprocessed almost

like a whisper. (I had to be quiet because my husband had already retired for the night!)

- Then there is a new electro pop music video with one worship song and

- The country song Shine, Shine, Shine as a music video.

So I have been busy creating all this stuff for YOU! Hope you get encouraged by it!

If you want to keep posted on what's happening and not miss out on anything new coming out of Featherhead Media, I suggest that you not only subscribe to this page but also to Featherhead Media on Facebook and Elisabeth Kitzing on YouTube. That way you won't miss out on what is going on.

Be blessed!


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