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Featherhead Media was founded by Elisabeth Kitzing in 2016 and got its name from a nickname she was given by her father - her hair was feathery at the time, as seen in the 2 year old birthday party pic above.


Our vision is to not only release music and books to encourage others but also to encourage others to release their own music and books. 

Below, you can listen to examples of pre-master mixes from the upcoming  Change My Mind album -12 original songs, 11 musicians and years in the making. RISING is the latest: 

Rising - Elisabeth Kitzing
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PRE-MASTER SONG, JUST HOW GOOD, by Elisabeth Kitzing, album Change My Mind
Premaster sneak peek of the song Our Father on the upcoming Change My Mind album
Video song premaster,  Don't Worry by Elisabeth Kitzing, album Change My Mind
Video song premaster, Every Day by Elisabeth Kitzing, album Change My Mind

We live in a hectic age where we are told that our value and purpose are measured by what we have achieved, how much we own and how good we look in the eyes of others.


Featherhead Media is a voice protesting the status quo and provides healthy "food" for your soul and mind through books, music and videos. We offer a positive and healing alternative that frees you from stress mindset of today's crazy mixed up world and helps you see that your value is a constant.


It is our firm belief that you don't need to prove your worth - you are already loved, already valuable - even before you were born! God's unconditional love is the foundation and focus of all that we do. Allow us to encourage you, subscribe and get a free song.  

Elisabeth Kitzing
Elisabeth Kitzing with guitar in Ystad

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