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A podcast in Swedish about the fact that one's self- worth is not dependent on what we do. 


The human voice was made for singing and the soul was made for worship. Here are a few of the videos that will help you come closer to the One who loves you unconditionally.

Link to the quiet time/worship acoustic video Time With You #1, by Elisabeth Kitzing

A series of worship songs quietly sung one evening in my living room. 

An electro pop worship song

Change My Mind 

We have just completed the video part of three of the four music videos that will be launched together with the CD and book, Change My Mind. The music is going through some adjustments right now and will be later be added again to the videos which will be released when the album is released.

Thumbnail and link to the premaster version of the song Don't Worry, song: Rebecka Wendesten, written by Elisbeth Kitzing

The Covenant

Part 1 & 2

Documentary about a refugee

The amazing story of a friend/refugee and his journey from Nigeria to find a better life. But was it better? In these documentaries Mr. Peace Michael shares his testimony about the covenant he made with God on his way over the sea and the way his faith was shaped by and in the midst of all the trials, torture, persecution, loneliness and racism he faced on his way to find work, love and happiness.

The Covenant Part 2