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Elisabeth Kitzing music booking info

Foto Laila Gustafsson

Concert/House Concert 

1. I'm Leaning on You/ Jag lutar       mig mot Dig alltid

Swedish/English concert/inspirational talk about resting in God's unconditional love: what hinders us, how He helps us find out who we are and lifts us up to who we were meant to be. Features songs from the Change My Mind album and worship songs. Contact me at:

2. House Concert

For at least twenty people. Contact Elisabeth at

Elisabeth Kitzing wit guitar in Haga, Gothenburg

Foto Laila Gustafsson

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1. From Stress to Rest

Finding rest in God's unconditional love is something we all need. Let me share how to find it and remain in it. Using art, music and power verses, I explain how to break from the mindset that causes stress (prestation based) to one where you can rest in your value, and find a path to rest.  Contact me for more information at


2. you can do it

Be inspired: Allow me to come and hold a workshop on how to get started making, recording and publishing your own music and sharing your story globally. There has never been a time in history that your voice can be heard so easily and your words can affect a change for the good for so many as the time we are living in right now. Great for young musicians as well as those who have written music but don't know what to do with it. We can discuss many topics: social media presence; branding; music arrangement, creation and distribution and more. See my Indie Musician's Diary on Wattpad for a taste of what I can share with you! An Indie Musician's Diary Vol 4

Featherhead Media: Bangatan 1A, 274 60 RYDSGÅRD, Sweden +46 73 770 62 11

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