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Special Thanks to:

I can't possibly thank each one of you enough.  You have supported me in so many different ways that the space here is too small to contain it. So, I'll just have to be satisfied with a quick explanation of my gratiutude for what you have done and how you've helped me get my first album out.  A large house is made of many bricks! 

Johan Kitzing, SE everything - my awesome life partner without you I would have never started this
My kids they keep cheering me on as I grow: Jasmine, Rochelle & Vincent you are why I am doing the Change My Mind album. Peter & Karin Kitzing my faithful and supportive in-laws! 
Per G. Imsen, SE Amazing musician, my mixing mentor, and  the co-producer of some of the songs of the Change My Mind album. You are a great bro!
Wendy Delmater Thies, S.C., U.S.A mentorship, inspiration, prayer & support. She is a complex and sweet intellectual, an amazingly gifted writer and good friend, besides being my big sister.
Brian Campbell, VA, U.S.A reality checker giving keen advice and support. He has an amazing heart and is helping tons of people. The world needs more ppl like you! 
Kathy Beattie, VA, U.S.A. older sister: your positivity and resilience make you rock. You have supported me all the way in every way since day one.
Brian Thies, SC, U.S.A. One heck of a nice and gifted guy that supports everything my sister does including supporting me. He's one the smartest ppl I know, too! If something, anything is broken he can fix it!
Videhi & Tom Larson, MN Friends in prayer, (since 198x) - always solid in the Word and encouraging me in many ways. 
Simon & Susanne Johansson, SE I feel the prayer and appreciate your support! Thanks
Hannah & Jakob Josefsson, SE two pillars in Malmo - thanks for treating me like an equal, opening your home and playing music with me. So much fun! You've got some of the cutest kids on the planet, too!
Jeanette H., Scotland I love doing Messenger prayer meetings with you. You are a true superfan and super friend!
Filip Wennerlund, SE Spunky, cool,  Jesus freak. Love this guy! PRAYER SUPPORT!
Laila Gustafsson. Amazing photography for my social media posts, webpage and promos! THANKS!
Christine & Mathew Quist, Canada the wow couple in the far north, prayer support and friendship!
Erika Vänngård, Inspiro Management, SE friend, mentor and prayer machine
Julie Lowery, for prayer and friendship. It all started in Nashville but the friendship keeps going...:-)
Meg Gillespie, The outstanding southern belle that took me in in Nashville and taught me what extreme hospitality is while I was at the audition in Nashville.
Lastly and more than anyone else on this list, I would like to thank Jesus Christ for his patience with me and how he called me to do this in an amazing way so that I never doubt that this is what I should be doing, even when it is really hard to go on. Daily he prods me softly with power verses and guide my feet as I walk along uncharted paths. Wow! What a love. He is the song of my life!
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