Music & (e)Book Update

 All 12 tracks of the upcoming Change My Mind album are recorded and edited. We are in the process of mastering the final track  at a professional studio and will move forward on the project on March 27th. YAY!

"I had to change my mind about a lot of things in order to find peace of mind. Peace of mind is something that we need now more than ever. Learning to say no to the world's incessant prodding to "prove" that one's worth and how to find and embrace unconditional love are the two major ingredients in the Change My Mind album and book. You are already loved, already valuable, already worth loving w/o lifting a little finger. Let me tell you why through my music...."

                            - Elisabeth K.

11 musicians, 12 songs

Release March 27th 2020


PG Imsen piano, bas, guitar, drums, midi tracks, and is the mastering guru at Sonic Media, Sweden

Jesper Nordberg awesome upright bass, electric bass prodigy and coffee addict

Albin Ekman fiddle master and hard rock fan

Dan Holmström multitalented instrumentalist who owns the sax  on this album (and everywhere he goes) Member of Monday Night Big Band....

Johan Malmberg banjoist from the internationally loved group The Original Five, Malmo, Sweden 

P.O. Larsson passionate dobro ace from the cold north of Sweden. 

Marko Jelaca live drums boss (I didn't know it was humanly possible to play drums like this until I heard it with my own ears....)

Elisabeth Kitzing lyrics, music, arrangements, song, guitars, flute, percussions, midi tracks, piano, some electric bass and much mixing.

Anna Löwenmark the gorgeous gospel queen wailing on the song Every Day

Rebecka Wendesten the smokey, cheeky golden voice on the song Don't Worry

Jakob Josefsson has lent his voice to the harmonies in the song Change my mind. Thanks, bro!

Johan Kitzing My husband who does his day job so I can stay at home and pursue music! Love You! He also critiques everything along the way.

The album we are presently working on has 12 original songs that take you on a journey from a life of stress to one of peace and rest. The key is that moment when we understand that our true identity is based on unconditional love.  We are working towards a global release  in 2019 or early 2020.