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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope you are well and that you have been encouraged by the emails I've sent to you this past year. It is my ambition to encourage you through music, and writing. Here's one last fan mail for this year.

The above video sums up this great year pretty well. Let me just add an illustration: If you build a skyscraper, you have to dig deep first and create a great foundation. This is to secure that the building will be able to stand sturdy no matter what weather comes and the foundation has to be well made or else the building might tip over or sink. The foundation has to be sturdy in order to carry all the weight.

What has been happening during the first few years of Featherhead Media's existence is nothing less than digging and preparing the foundation for the songs, books and music videos that we have on our hearts to share with the world. Now we are finally beginning to see that we can build because the foundation is totally in place.


Here are some of the highlights:

1/3 of the album is now clear for professional mastering.

The number of followers on most Social Media outlets is growing fast!

Many chapters in the Change My Mind book have been written.

I am becoming more and more sure about how to mix music digitally.

My musicians' network is growing,


These are just some of the foundational things going on. After we release the Change My Mind album, (some time next year), we will be releasing more frequently, perhaps singles, one at a time. There are many songs and books in the pipeline. All we needed was some time to figure out how and prepare the foundation!

As this year comes to a close I want to just thank you for your patience in waiting for the album.

The world needs comfort. We are living in a time where a great social and global paradigm shift is taking place, leaving many people more lonely and stressed out than ever. I firmly believe that the core message of the music we are doing and the books I am writing will help many people find comfort and hope. God's unconditional love is awesome and powerful. It heals, empowers and carries us - if we let him. I'd like to end the year by inviting you to let Him carry you, too.

If you'd like to know that love that only God provides, but you don't know how to find it, please contact me through Skype. My handle is the same as my name, Elisabeth Kitzing, and I will personally take time to listen to you and help you. Don't miss the one most important love in this life - Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

Once again thanks for being here on Featherhead Media and being a part of my team.




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