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This time of year the canola fields start to bloom. It smells like fresh flowers all over our little town. This bright, yellow, happy color chases away the gloominess and stiffness I have throughout my body after mixing a song for a whole 8 hours straight. Standing here at sundown on the edge of the field I start analysing how the day went. This same song is now on to it's third month in the making. I just want to get it done and done well.

Every step from songwriting to production takes so much time. Time that no one sees or thinks about but time that is so important, I love doing what I do even though it is time consuming. To see the end result after all this effort is going to be indescribably awesome. And I'd never get it done without my friends and musician accomplices here in Seden and in various countries.

I'd like to publicly say thanks to my friends on the other side of the Atlantic who give great feedback as I go. The song, Come to Me, was almost done, (I thought) but then came the constructive criticism from Canada and now I am almost done with the new version. Really like it. Mixing is so intricate. If you change something a little it can affect everything else and there you are all over again. I guess with experience the speed will pick up - as it already has.

As the sun sliped slowly behind the hills ahead of me and I stop filming the sunset. The mosquitoes reminded me that it's time to go home and plug in my camera to see how the film turned out. Looks like it could be a winner. It will be part of the Indiegogo promo film.

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