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I have a great gift for you today - from my heart to yours - The 20 Best Tips Against Stress Poster! Through the years I have worked with just about every type of job: in food production, swimming coach, as a lifeguard, a studies counselor, in geriatrics, with preschoolers, as a statistical research person, banker, technical saleswoman, store manager, educator, with music production and within art - to name a few. Throughout the career chasing process I have found that stress is constantly knocking on my door and I have to put up a guard against it. There is a way to prevent getting burned out - by thinking the right way and taking steps to structure each day.

Upcoming book

Now there are already loads of self help books out there to help you reduce stress or deal with it. But I am working on one of my own based on having a biblical mindset where you use power verses to encourage your mind into a positive and healthy way of thinking, (the Change My Mind book which will come out after the album). Giving you this poster is giving you a chance to preview an appendix in the book - a teaser. All constructive criticism is really appreciated at this pre production stage. Send them to Thanks!

The poster sums up a mindset that can help you fight against the stress bug. It can help get you through the months prior to your so well-needed vacation.

So click the link below and check out the new Stress tab to get your copy of the poster. You can download it as a full color poster or as a black and white version (to save ink). I hope it helps you focus on what is really important and get the most out of every day! Drop me a line and let me know what you think! Your ideas can help me better meet your need for inspirational materials that help you reduce stress and find the unconditional love that Christ offers. He is a life changer!

Here's the link:

Just choose which of the posters you want by clicking on the appropriate button.

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Have a great weekend!

- Elisabeth

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