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How to Energise your walk with God Using Power Verses

Why did I write a book about memorising the Bible?

If you want to live a life with peace of mind then allow me to recommend the Bible. It is my go to source for wisdom! I have been a Christian since I was ten years old and have never found anything like it that shapes my inner self into a diamond and burns the excess junk out of my soul like a furnace purifying gold.

I remember when I was in the Navigators while going to college. I started memorising Scripture then and I noticed later on how powerful this was! When I was busy raising my kids I would still have a lot of encouragement stored up in my mind to draw from just because I had stocked up on God's promises beforehand! When attacks to my faith came, I could recite power verses to fend off the enemy. When I felt depressed, the Holy Spirit would remind me of God's love and faithfulness by bringing a power verse to mind.

Why Is Memorising Power Verses So Important?

If anything has changed my life in a awesome and positive way, it is memorising power verses from the Bible!

A book with a heart created by AI

While I've been writing the Change My Mind book, I have been reminded of the transformative work that the Bible has done in my life. I have found real peace of mind by adjusting my mind to what I find in the Scriptures. In 2 Timothy 3:16 it says "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness". This is really true.

What God did for me through memorising and meditating on power verses He can do for you too: bad attitudes were surgically removed as I memorised pertinent power verses about each situation in my life; he changed my mind, my heart and my my steps and, over time I experienced so many positive things.

I was, among other things, able to forgive the unforgivable, and learn to trust Him completely when I once was a control freak. Read this book and let the Word of God dwell in you richly as you actively build up your arsenal of verses!

What, exactly, does this Handbook Contain?

This guide gives you a short introduction to why memorising and meditating on Scripture is powerful and then shows you how to do it, practically, using examples.

Why is it free?

  1. This is a Beta version - there may be some changes that need to be made. (If you find any bugs, let me know!)

  2. It is more fun to give than receive: I wanted to let you, my loyal follower, get it for free before I decide whether or not to sell it. (I do need to pay my bills.)

  3. So you can share it freely with your friends, too. Please mention where you got it from, though:

Music News, Progress on The Abide album:

The Abide album by Elisabeth Kitzing
The Abide album cover (Out 2025?)

We are starting to record the Abide album - an acoustic album about life with Christ in these end times. A lot of the songs are pure worship. This album is going to take its time to complete - I am writing a book at the moment. The first song up is I'm Allowed to be Myself. The first verse goes like this:

"I'm allowed to be myself - to be the one I am

To laugh and play and sing and shout

To walk barefoot in the sand

I don't need to prove my worth or try to be the best

I am loved for who I am by my Father in heaven"

Please pray with us for the album.

Book news: The Change My Mind Book - 1st Draft

I am still working on the Change My Mind book (out 2025) that tells the story of my journey from stress to rest through God's unconditional love and through power verses. I recently updated all the chapters and am working with all my might to get the first draft to the editor asap. Here is a short video that explains it very well:

Well, you see, we have been very busy!

I hope the Handbook is a blessing and, if you aren't already a subscriber, please do so and follow us on all social media and where you listen to music. Just click on a guitar, below to get a complete list of links! Bless!

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