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I hope you are doing well! The COVID scare seems to be dissipating here in Sweden and I hope and pray that you are safe wherever you are!

Here is a little update (repeated from my Patreon account) on what's brewing with Featherhead Media:

The Change My Mind Project

In 2016 the idea of a Change My Mind album and ebook project took form. We wanted to share my journey from stress to rest through God's unconditional Love so that others could find the same. Since then, the Change My Mind album was developed and released on all major streaming services on March 27th, 2020 and now as of May 15th, the book is up over 60,400 words and counting.

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Latest design May 2020
The Change My Mind ebook Cover

The Change My Mind Book

During 2018/2019, the idea for the book started materialising. I wrote down thoughts about each song on the album and meditated over Scriptures that came to mind, noting verses that have had a major impact on my journey. i jotted down memories, experiences and insights that could help illustrate and paint a picture of what really happened to me - how I became a free soul and came back to my dream.

I started asking myself questions as I recalled how I traveled along the path of life, feeling lighter and happier:

- Exactly what was it that helped me forgive all the insults and abuses?

- How did I come to experience security after abandonment?

- How did I lift myself out of self hate? How did I change what I anchored my sense of value in?

- And how did that change my perspective?

- How did God replace rejection with community, love and faithfulness?

- How did I get healed from my most painful memories?

 - How did God finally earn my trust?  How did I come to the conclusion that I needed to change my mind about God, myself and others?

- What verses helped me let go of my previous security reflexes? And so on....

A method to peace of mind

I came to appreciate the importance of a simple method that I have practiced throughout the years. And that practice connected the faith I had in my head to my heart. It helped me listen to my heart, and, through reasoning with the Word, I was able to change my mind where it was wrong. Then I took steps in faith in the right direction. First they were baby steps, and as I became secure and steady, the steps became stronger and more determined. In this book I will share my method with you.

The need for structure

It has been a long time in analysing my journey from stress to rest and it has been hard for me to put this into words. Now I am in the process of pulling an outline out of the many texts I've written and  rearranging them into a better structure to make it flow and avoid redundancies. I want it to be as short, powerful, and entertaining as possible.

Your prayers are appreciated! 

Because I've never written a book before I don't know how long this is going to take, please stand with me in prayer for the Change My Mind ebook.  I don't know how to publish it nor whether it should be a paperback or not, but my sister Wendy is a wiz at it and has offered to edit my first draft. Just like the album, your prayers and support are very much appreciated!

More Music is in the Pipeline but....

I  have many songs ready to be recorded, (and some are already  recorded awaiting editing & mastering), but the whole music process has been temporarily put on hold until this book gets finished. I find it easier to get the book done if I am not constantly trying to do many other things simultaneously. So, there will be no more videos, music videos, podcasts and not much social media presence until this first draft is done. I hope y'all understand. ❤️

Thanks again for all your support. I REALLY appreciate it.

A physical book with paper, real paper?

Please become a patron for as little as $1.00 or $5.00 a month:

It helps pay the some of the bills and maybe, just maybe, we can see to it that this life changing book can be published as a paperback! Then you can give it away as a present and carry it with you wherever we go! No ebook replaces the feeling of a real book! Give becoming a patron a thought. This book and the music I will be releasing can help people find the One who brings real peace of mind!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Elisabeth (Liz) Kitzing


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