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Let's Change the world!

The Featherhead Community is growing!
Our goal is to
1. To help people find and be changed by God's unconditional love. That love heals, helps and saves us.
2. To inspire believers to share their own testimonies through books, videos and inspirational music with the hungry in heart globally. We hope to inspire them to get the tools they need to share the Good News. Although it has never been as easy as it is today to create and publish music, videos and books for free.  Getting started can require inspiration by those who have already gone a few steps in the right direction. The music, books, videos and podcasts as well as the concerts we do, are just one way to inspire others to share the Good News globally. 
There are various ways you can be a part of this movement:
SOCIAL MEDIA👍Join us on social media (links above) , get updates and repost the stuff you love and spread the love!
Book a concert or speaking opportunity with me (Elisabeth Kitzing) at your church, venue or living room (at least 20 people). We don't charge for concerts or the speaking engagements but we do require help with travel expenses, a home to sleep in when traveling outside Skåne and some good sound equipment when I perform for larger audiences.
If you can help out with graphic design; be a manager/publicist; help us be the next great instrumentalist/vocalist in our band; do great design/artwork, and more, welcome onboard! Let's talk about it.


If you would like to support the work we do every month you can scan here. 
If you'd like to give a one time donation or monthly use this link


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