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I thought I would share a few picks from the latest song we are working on. Here we go!

Things are going well in the Featherhead Media studio here in sunny Rydsgård, Sweden. I keep working on remixing the album Change My Mind but I have other things going on along side that will enable the release of the Change My Mind album to proceed in a smooth way- dropping a single before the album, for example.

This past week I have been working on getting a one of my Swedish songs done. (It is called "Jag Lutar Mig Mot Dig Alltid" or, in English something like, "I Lean on Your Love Always")

My friends here in my local community have asked me to record it again and again, nagging me for over a year. So, why record it now?

First, I love the friends who they inspired me to do this song and I'd like to thank them for our time together in Malmö Huskyrka where we met. We had some real fun together before the group dispersed. I met the two men working with me on this song, Jakob Josefsson (song) and Mattias Lindén (piano) in that same place and it is a joy to create this musical memory to be forever a reminder of those good times.

The short video above is from my Facebook Elisabeth Kitzing Music page. You can reach it here:

Secondly, I just found out that it is a good thing to release a single onto Spotify before I release the album for a couple of reasons. It enables me to create an artist's account and that needs to be in place before I can do pre-saves and setting up an artist's account takes time. Pre-saves through give me the opportunity to collect the emails of people who are interested in the album release, gives them a way to follow me on Spotify and sends a shout out at the release date so they don't miss the drop. This helps make the drop a success. creates a button that I can use on all my posts to drive pre-save interested people to the Spotify page. Cool. That is why we need to drop a single before the album.

So, releasing this song, will open up the opportunity for me to set up the artist's page/account in time for the release. Maybe we could even drop an English version.... We'll see. 😃

Recording the song Jag Lutar Mig Mot Dig Alltid
Jakob Josefsson singing in my studio

One thing is for sure, we are having fun putting this together. Mattias and Jakob are gold and have become some of our best friends. Mattias is one of the finest pianists I have ever met. Now all I have to do is get the songs pitched and timed correctly and choose what parts of the piano to use AND THEN MIX IT.

Wish me luck!

Hoping that you too are having fun being creative.

Until next time!

- Elisabeth


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