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The Change My Mind eBook is coming along well. I am up in almost 63 k words and am restructuring the ebook to make it flow. I'm focused on getting the book done asap but will also release a new lyrics video for the song The Vine sometime in June. (Need to keep the album going). 

Also I've started to post short 15 second videos on TikTok just to test the waters there. There, I get more views per video than I typically get on YouTube. 147 within a day with one or two likes. Interesting. It is going to take time to learn how to use this platform well. Wish me luck.


After years of being on Patreon with faithful patrons, the new tax rules Patreon is rolling out on July 1st will mean the end of my presence on Patreon. You can read why here: and see the video at the bottom.

In short, if I stay on Patreon with the tiers as they now stand, I'll be forced to pay income taxes and VAT in two countries (Sweden and the U.S.) for things I haven't even "sold" An example of this would be: if I give away a digital song to patrons as a thank you - that will now be taxed even though I haven't "sold it".

No more freebies allowed

I will have to stop giving away stuff to those who donate in any way. This also implies that I may have to, in the future, stop my practice of giving away a free song in exchange for new subscriber emails. I will now have to sell what I can of my creative stuff to pay my taxes out of that income - just like any other business. This is the real reason for these tax laws - to force us to be like every other business when we inherently aren't. We musicians need support/investors long before we can become profitable. July 1st is a sad day for creators on Patreon. I imagine that many of us will be deleting our accounts.

No more Patreon button I will be taking down the Patreon links throughout my social media on June 1st.

So, what are the alternatives?

You can become an "Inspiration Team" Member! Become a member of my new "Inspiration Team", coming soon on this homepage! I'm planning on developing a special membership club for those who want to be a part of the development of our music/books etc. I'll build that platform within my homepage asap - hopefully this summer. More info about that will come to your email as soon as I'm done checking out the regulations around it and then creating it. Could be that donations will have to go separately through PayPal from now on. Those who want to support me can continue to do so through but, I won't be able to give you anything in return - not directly. You will still get shout outs on my homepage liner notes when I release new albums. You will still have the option of being involved in my creative process before I release books, music videos, vote on alternative CD covers etc if you choose. But I will no longer be giving away music, books, or other freebies for free. It is a sad day for the creators out there.

If you want to give regularly contact me and will fix a solution. We may do it through a members fee or through a PayPal button. I will be looking into it. Please use the link for now. We have a PAyPal button on the top of the homepage

Buy merch: I'm on Redbubble with originally designed print on demand items: hoodies; clothing; household articles; mugs, laptop skins and more. Let me know what you want to see more of - watercolours, photos, comics? Help me make great designs there! Click on the shop to take you there!

On a positive note, Johan and I are doing well and soon he is going to have his summer vacation. We are looking forward to getting outdoors, hiking, paddling, camping etc but we intend to prioritize finishing up the book too. We see it as a project we do together.

God bless you for your friendship and support. I look forward to seeing you as a member of my Inspiration Team over at


P.S. Here's the video about what Patreon is doing to make me leave - in case you wondered:



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