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Music update

Life has zoomed by like a freight train the last couple of months. It's been filled with a traumatic operation (removal of my gall bladder and some complications), time with family and the creation of new music. Here is a blog post to let you catch up with what's going on and to explain what you can expect from Featherhead Media, (Sweden) in the near future.

New Release

On August 25th, I released the first version of the song Seek Truth, a pop/rap song based on 1 Corinthians 13. It is a song I have been brooding over like a hen patiently resting on her eggs for over two years. Why did it take so long to release?

Well, one of the reasons was that the lyrics didn't feel right and needed to be adjusted. To put it bluntly, my husband and I had some concerns that some of the words might be misconstrued and possibly cause the song to offend people unnecessarily. In the song, I bring up the need to test everything, all information -and that is a hot potato nowadays. So I had to change the wording carefully to be able to communicate the message without sounding like a conspiracy theorist. Haters gonna hate no matter, but I didn't have to cause trouble did I?

Christian hip hop

The fact that this song has a hiphop beat and that I rap 1 Corinthians 13 forcefully made the song powerful enough. So we let the song sink in and I finally got back to it after my operation. So, I changed words like disinformation to misinformation and fight to night, for example and then things felt better. Then, I felt that the song finally conveyed what I really wanted to say. I wish I had pushed through my writer's block earlier...that's life, I guess. But, in any case, the song is finally out there now and that's a wonderful feeling. You can listen to it by following this link, - it will take you to all the major music platforms, Youtube and more.

We firmly believe that it is important to preach the word through song in a way that is truthful and powerful using genres picked to deliver the words. Seek Truth has a hip hop beat and a powerful message. It was important to us to make sure that the words didn't unnecessarily offend but still keep the lyrics full of light, salt and love. I believe that we accomplished just that.

Seek TruthThe Music video

The next day, August 26th, I released the music video for Seek Truth. You can see it here or follow this like and go directly to my YouTube channel with over 50 videos! Seek Truth video This video has captions so you can sing along with me!

Now this is where you come in. 😇

Please take a listen to the song where you listen to music and watch the video. Share them and this post with your friends. Without your help my music doesn't reach too far. (I can't buy promotions.) So, thank you for all your help with this release!!!!

In my next post I'll tell you about the Seek Truth music video and how we made it.

I love writing here on my homepage but you can follow me also on Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram where I update more often! See the links in the heading/bio! Thank you!

God Bless! Until next time!


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