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(This is an earlier post from 2020 but when I replaced a video it came up in my feed today, June 15th 2022)

It's springtime and a great time to have a picnic. Every year around 30 000 teens and college-aged young adults meet in a park in Lund to hear music, drink and eat in the sunshine. Last year my husband and I hung out at this Valborg Festival and got to sing for some of them and listen to their life-stories. It was awesome! So, this year, we took some of our friends with us.

It was a beautiful day, as you can see by the video. We had sallad with oven-roasted red beets, beans, spinach, haloumi, sun dried tomatoes, pesto dressing and red peppers. Others brought with them cookies, sandwhiches, nuts and dates. We drank coffee and water but had just as good a time as everyone else but without the alcohol. (The fun is in the company). After we ate we had an opportunity to heal people through prayer in Jesus name. This is what we do, or rather, this is what He does wherever we go. Just like music is a way of life for me, walking with the Lord is too. He is so amazing wherever I go. Just this past Saturday, we got to see 2 people with one leg shorter than the other get their legs to grow to the same length as the longer one, backs healed, knees healed and more. He gives the songs and He is the one who heals through our hands.

Anyway, I just want to encourage you to go out there and enjoy the sunshine, the music and the love that Jesus offers. If you want to check out the song Come to Me (that we sing in the video) you can listen on the music page and you can even download the lyrics from the lyrics page (here on and sing along! Happy Spring!

Here is the link to the music video on YouTube


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