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Updated: May 15, 2020

March 27th is the day that we drop the Change My Mind album on all major streaming platforms, worldwide! No better time than this!

It's a great feeling to have come this far and present to you the Change My Mind album! It took me 11 musicians and 5 years of hard work to fulfil this one dream!

The corona virus scare

The world is in panic mode because of the corona virus but you don't need to be.

Some of the songs on the upcoming Change My Mind album are especially encouraging now as the world cowers under the dark shadow cast by the Corona virus. We need to be prepared for it but fear doesn't help at all - faith does, however!

The tracks Don't Worry, Just How Good (Psalm 23), Rising and Every Day on this new album are all songs that point you in a positive direction, providing peace of mind, hope and joy. The album is all about my journey from stress to rest through reliance on God's promises. But it can be your journey too!

Because of the love and the promises of God, we can be fearless and secure in a world full of fear and anxiety! We know that if we die we go to heaven (Rising), and if we are in the "shadow of death" and get the corona virus we have a Shepherd that will go with us through it, (Just How Good). It seems like I couldn't have chosen a better time to release these songs than right now!


If you are on Spotify, you can "pre-save" the album on Spotify through this link: The more people that pre-save it, the more we help "rotate the algorithm" and give the album a chance to get on some important playlists, reaching more people who need the encouragement that these songs will bring. Thanks for following me there.

I am also on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, Napster, and many other major streaming platforms. So, check to see if I am on yours. Thanks! Please be sure to follow me there!

Behind the scenes, there is a lot going on

Videos & Podcasts

I am beginning to explain my journey from stress to rest, based on the songs, in my Change My Mind podcasts now on SoundCloud/YouTube. It is my ambition to give this a try and see if my songs' messages can get to a new group of listeners. Please pray with me for a new camera - my old video camera is on its last legs. Luckily the podcasts don't require videos. I'm oing to release a few music videos as the album drops so follow me on YouTube:

Pitching songs

Songs don't automatically run hot on radio stations. You have to send your best track to the DJs and hope they will listen. They won't listen if you don't pick a song that fits into their type of channel. So you have to find the channel and listen. Listening takes time. So I uploaded all the songs that are at CDBaby to SoundCloud and made links for each song. Then I searched for the appropriate radio stations (ongoing work), and sent the download links for the mp3s to the radio stations. A lot of work. K-Love radio, etc....

One man, who is responsible for loading up Christian music in the Swedish Christian radio stations, contacted me and asked for my music! He had seen on Facebook that I was about to release and asked me for the music. Cool! So I sent all the songs on the album and now all the affiliated radio stations in Sweden have them.

Newspaper interviews

I've called local newspapers and sent pressreleases to them all. I have the next interview set for tomorrow, Tuesday. With more to come. I think it is my story that makes them so interested. It is unusual that someone my age switches gears and becomes a music producer.

Graphics, wavves and music videos

A lot of time has been being spent in creating graphics, videos and "wavves" like this one. It is a picture with an animated circle that plays a short portion of the song so people can hear it before the release. (You can go to the start page on to hear it tho I can't include a wavve in this blog.

Other things I have been creating content for Instagram, filling in my artist bio on Spotify with a short story about what I am doing with my music and who I am (check it out here:

I also created a playlist of my favourite music right now for my followers to listen to if they want to.

It is called My Music Motor because I need inspiration from other people's music. I hope to keep it up to date. Please let me know if you want me to consider any of your favourite songs on my list. Send to and I'll get back to you

Here's the link to my playlist. Please feel free to subscribe and don't forget to listen to my first single, Midnight Lullaby.

I would like to ask you to share the news in this post with your friends and please make sure to follow me where you are on the Internet. Here are all my links:

Big drops are on the way. The album on the 27th, music videos, podcasts (now on Apple Music ) and after that I will continue to drop singles throughout 2020.

P.s. I noticed that there has been some trouble with the "new subscriber" download link. It is fixed now. But if you added yourself to my email list and couldn't download, let me know at and I will send the song you should have gotten when you signed up to you for free! D.s.

Until the drop!



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