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Just a little update. I am currently (still!) working on Come to Me. It is a jazzy blues song about finding rest in Jesus based on Mathew 11:30. It has a lot of vocals, and a lot of tracks in general including my guitars, a sax an electric bass, a whole lot of electronic stuff and some percussions. So this song is really taking time for me to mix and automate.

When I write song, it usually works like this: it begins with kaos that slowly becomes a fixed idea that slowly becomes an arrangement that gets a hold of me. I wish I could know what to do backwards - it would save time. Instead I test and experiment until I get the sound I like. Impractical but it works. It's just like sketching and ending up with an oil painting.

Come to Me has already become one of my favourites because it's based on such a great verse and because it makes me start to dig and dance.

I see Jesus standing in front of me with his hands outstretched giving this invitation to a full life to me and to everyone listening. The words are best at the end:

" All I wanna do is help you in this crazy world, give you peace of mind. You will find it only in my arms of love."

This is Jesus' invitation to you. And believe me - he really delivers peace of mind!


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