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It's October already and I am amazed at the amount of things I have to do and learn how to do in order to reach out to people effectively with the music and the antistress book I am working on (called "Change My Mind"). I am in the process of devising a strategy to begin to create unique content on a regular basis in order to grow an audience before the release date. Because of the "noise out there", I can't "just create" a product. If I had put all of my creative juices into mixing the album when I came back from Nashville I'd probably be done by now and have it on Spotify! But, no one would find it and I wouldn't have had time to write the book. Promotion is vital and the book works together with the album.

So, my time has been haphazardly divided between music production, considering promotion avenues, studying mixing, creating setlists, doing live performances on the street in Malmö, developing my guitar and bass skills, writing music, writing books, planning and valuing social media options, etc. (In addition, I have to do the wash, make food, etc like everyone else!) My head is spinning. I'm learning tons, the music is getting mixed and the book is being written. It's not going fast but it is all going very deep and rolling slowly forward.

Getting my time to balance between learning mixing, editing, testing new tools for promotion etc and living life in general has been difficult. The hard part is getting the discipline to structure my days so both the music, writing and promotion get done well. When I get overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of it all, I take a walk, back off and breathe. After all I shouldn't wear my self out trying to help others find rest! That would be silly and stupid. Just pace it and chill. The farmer has to wait for the grain to mature...

Even if I should get everything "right" which I can't probably do, I am still just a drop in the ocean at the end of the day. I can feel at times like "Why should I keep doing this for free? Isn't it easier to get a real job?" But my heart has decided that this is it and Johan, my hubby, makes it possible. We are a team of droplets in the big blue sea.

Each one of us who tries to create something valuable for the rest of the world may feel like "just" a drop in the ocean - a slight whisper in the corner of a wild rock party. But each drop is so important.

What would the ocean be without drops like you and me?....Dry!

Every drop counts! This is why I'd like to share with you some powerful tools I use that you can use for free to get your own songs, books and ideas out there. Check these out and see if you, too, can write a great book, record a song etc. If you have a creative idea within you, know that the world is just waiting to hear it, see it, touch it, feel it. You may feel like you are just a drop in the ocean, but remember all the drops are needed! So, check out the resources below. None of these has endorsed me, nor do I receive any advantages by naming them. They simply rock! Enjoy!

Have a great day!


RESOURCES: Make your own homepage for free. Buy a domain, build an e-commerce site, blogg your heart away... Make your own call cards inexpensively Publish ebooks for free and add videos (See my books, lyric books and more at

Smash words or Draft2Digital: Two site where you can publish your books as ebooks or real books

Goodreads: Great way to get your books noticed and referred design your own graphics easily for free!

Facebook Live: If you sing live or talk about something live, Facebook will drive traffic to your site for free. New site free from censorship. A very great community who create content, share Ideas freely

Mixing/Mastering: Recording Revolution, ProSoundFormula and MusicTechHelpGuy on YouTube. and Digital Music News: Great way to keep yourself up to date with what is happening in the new music business

Book tip: Ari Herdstrands book The New Music Business and see his homepage: Ari's Take where he compares all PROs. (Publishing Rights Organizations).

YouTube: Creating a channel and an artists page on YouTube is great, too!


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