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Updated: May 15, 2020

Hi friends!

Here is my latest inspirational podcast fresh from Youtube.

I hope you are well and enjoying the constantly changing colours of Autumn. I can't really capture how beautiful it is with my phone camera but this is a taste.

I was on my way to a pond with a lost frog this morning
A misty morning in Rydsgård

It reminds me of fireworks! I was on my way to the pond with this frog:

Very tired and lost his way
A toad in need of a pond

He was looking quite tired and dried out but as soon as I left him close to the pond he responded quickly. I think this is the third frog/toad that I have returned to the pond this year. It happens often.

Listen to the podcast and let me know what you think! Be inspired!

Album Update:

8 of the 12 songs are now ready to be mastered and the 9th one, (Rising) is soon ready as well. We are planning for an album release some time in February (I hope the 14th, Valentines Day because it is about unconditional love.)

Because I am in the final stages of the editing and mixing phase, I need to focus on doing just that and I won't be able to spend too much time making videos until it's done. (But I just had to share this with you!) The plan is to have all the songs ready for mastering by mid December, get them mastered in January and post them in February.

I've never done this before so please keep me in prayer. :-)

A miracle!

My church is in Malmö and is a great inspiration to me. I play bass there every other Sunday for about 60 people and over half of them are new believers from Iran. They are very special people and I love them deeply. Allow me to share a miracle that happened with one of them with you.

A while back, as I was walking by one of the Iranian women that regularly come to my church, I felt led by the Lord to lay my hands on her head and pray a short prayer, then I moved on. Now, she doesn't speak the two languages I speak and I don't speak Iranian, but last Sunday I was speaking with her through an interpreter and she said that she got healed the same day I prayed for her.

She had been having trouble with her hormone levels since the day she came to Sweden. She was worried about not having her period for so many months and was sitting in the pew asking the Lord for healing when I came by. I didn't know what her needs were, I just prayed and the next day she was back to normal after many months of not having her period. Then she noticed that 1. her period came back the day after I had prayed for her and 2. the next one came right on time the month after - she was completely healed! Praise God.

I can't tell you how many people God has healed through simple prayers that I have prayed, but it is many. One of the many reasons I keep believing in Jesus in a world that doesn't. Not saying this to boast, just being thankful!


Also, my electric bass got badly damaged after an accidental fall on Sunday. The neck cracked along four inches straight through. If you would like to help me save up to another bass, please feel free to used the donate button or the Paypal me link at Thanks so much! I can buy a new/used bass for about $300. Every contribution is amazingly appreciated by me. No donation is too small! Thanks a bunch!

I cracked my bass neck
Broken neck

Until next time, God bless!

- Liz

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