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Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for being part of my community and let you know whats up.

I have been very busy since I last time I wrote to you. Becuase I do EVERYTHING here on, I am often distracted from making music when other vital things need to be done. And, unfortuneately, these things can take a great dela of my time. Some of those things are creating a buzz on social media (I'm on Instagram Facebook and Pinterest); updating the homepage and creating products that can help me pay for the cost of making albums, releasing things onto Spotify etc... Some things I do that isn't music is just plain fun, like creating art on demad products for you.

Original Artwork from me to you!

I have created over twelve different designs on many different products on Here are some of the latest. Of course this is just a small portion of the products available there. There are sweatshirts, travel mugs and more. Check them out.

Just wanted to let you know that I am starting to create products to remind people to take care of themselves, stop stressing and find solitude. This is a common theme in all my art. Take a look


On many items there is a 15% discount if you buy two or more. And, RedBubble has other discounts from time to time.

I saw that they just had a 30% doiscount if you gave them the cupon "30CYBER" if you buy within 11 hours listed on my page. Maybe you will get that discount too?

You can find additional products with other designs by following the links on the MERCH tab. These things make great presents, by the way...


As you can see, this homepage is now bilingual - Swedish and English. I work and live in Sweden and people appreciate having things in their own language. Most of the Swedish page is in place now. HEJA SVERIGE!


I'm working forward on two songs in paralell. It's easier to do a little on each each day. Prayers appreciated.

God bless!

Elisabeth K.


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