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- About finding a "lagom" level without feeling defeated

There is a well known Swedish word that captures the perfect level of whatever you are doing, "lagom". After a few years of being a one-woman show and trying to do everything: songwriting, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, production, photography, videography, music video creation, social media, ....I am mentally tuckered out. It didn't help that this summer was filled with lots of sightseeing and car breakdowns. It seems like this summer whizzed by without me getting the rest I needed. I need to find my "lagom" level of producing music without feeling depressed over how slowly the production happens. What is lagom?

It's not enough to get away from one's job, take it easy and get a suntan, the soul needs rest too. I didn't get it this summer. So now, when the fall season kicked in, I found myself unable to perform as I would like to. I need some rest and a new game plan so that I can keep on going. What is "lagom" for you?

"Lagom" for me is to keep on doing what I love to do - writing and recording music for you to inspire you and encourage your soul, but doing it at a reasonable pace. I have had to realise that life is full of so many other things that I cannot possible deliver one song a month. Also,I can't compete with people that have a band, a publicist, a videographer, an audio engineer, tone of money, contacts. I have none of these. So lagom for me is going to be producing music in a more simple way and fewer songs per year - without feeling defeated.

It is very important for you and me to love ourselves! A big part of that is accepting the fact that we are not God Almighty. We have time-, money-, and physical limitations and that's o.k.! No need to push ourselves too hard - That only leads to mental stress and reduces our productivity. We will never be the best but we can always do our best!

Finding a productive lagom means having your heart in mind

Looking back I found that planning, prioritising and hard work with a schedule ensured that new songs got produced and published, but something "has to go" in order for me to be at peace in the future. I'll need to pace myself better and make sure that my life is balanced in order to continue to produce music for you. My heart has to be in it!

Less songs + quality at my own pace = the "lagom level".

Looking forward, I plan to do things differently:

- try keep my mind on things above and not on things of the earth: I have spent way too much time worrying about things in the news and that has made me unproductive.

- release singles when I get them done (instead of deadlines).

- start working with a similar template for all the songs on an upcoming album with acoustic songs - some of my most heartfelt to date. Having a template saves time. Finally, the album will not have a deadline until I know I can deliver it.

So, find your lagom this fall. Be prepared by planning, prioritising and listening to your heart. Try simplifying some procedures, cutting away a bit of news feed and keeping your mind set on things above.

All the best! Until next time!


This Friday, the 13th of August I will be in the Patriots in Tune show (for the fifth time!) from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. on DLive, FaceBookLive; Twitch....every Friday is music night. This Friday it's me!

September 11th at 8 p.m. CET I will be doing a 20 minute set (gig) within the program on Red's Room Entertainment.


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