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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Welcome to my new blog design!

I am still trying to figure out how to change the background colour (I hate beige), but otherwise I like it! Let me know what YOU think of the new design!

I chose today's picture because I'm looking forward to this summer when, hopefully I will be able to say that I have released the Change My Mind album.

Have trouble sleeping? Do this!

I spoke with one of my adult kids the other day and they said that he was having trouble falling asleep. Sleep depends on a lot of things like getting enough exercise; limiting screen time and cutting caffein intake; having and maintaining great relationships, etc. But there is a simple trick to help get the stress in your neck and shoulders out of the way so that you can sleep:

When you lay down on your pillow while lying flat on your back, press your head downwards as hard as you can towards the floor through the pillow for 3 to 5 seconds and then relax, repeat until all the stress leaves your neck and shoulders. Try it. It is amazing!

Let me know if it helps!❤️

Quality takes time

When I started recording this album 3+ years ago I never knew it would go through so many processes that would take such time. It wasn't just about the difficulty of creating music per say, it was about me. I needed to change, learn and meet new people.

The Change My Mind album is complex

The album has many different genres, 12 musicians and at the end of 2015, when I made the decision to go full time with my music, I was a complete newbie to mixing. Now I know, not only WHAT I am shooting for, I know how to get there and have the tools and connections I've needed to get the work done.

Our Father

This is the fifth of twelve songs that I am currently remixing to bring them from demo quality to commercial quality. It is the Lord's Prayer in an epic mix. I love it already and I am not even done. The song sounds like a joyous and determined proclamation and a loving prayer at the same time. It has grove and seriousness and bursts out in joy and reliance in the end. If you click on the picture above you will come to a short part of the in-process track that I made yesterday.

Because Our Father was first recorded in 2015 and my voice and guitar playing are better now, I have re-recorded the vocals, added harmonies and re-recorded the guitars. Then I added a new baseline and programed an additional bass track to accentuate the first one. I added strings and brass and a whole lot more I have added loops, automated percussions and did a major clean up, throwing old useless stuff out and structuring up the workflow. Now I am working on tightening the timing of all the elements and securing an arrangement that build over time.

After this I will continue to compare my song to others' commercial tracks and test if my frequency spectrum (sound) is even (sounds good no matter what speaker I listen to it on).

Like I said making music is a process and great quality takes time. But it is well worth the wait!


I thought I'd be doing a one hour, live concert on February 16th at the Stockholm Fotoantikvariat for a vernissage by Eila Björklund. But now it is cancelled. I am looking a new place to have my concert. I have my ticket so let me know if you have an idea where I can play a 1 hour concert either the 15th and or the 16th.

YOU are a great encouragement to me. Just knowing that you are on the sidelines rooting and cheering me on makes the road easier to travel. Thank You! I hope that the antistress tip above helps you get more rest and I wish you a great rest of January. Stick in there, the light with its warmth is coming back again soon!

And, if you haven't yet subscribed, do so so you don't miss news, updates and freebies.

- Liz


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