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On my birthday many years ago, I got a Propellerhead interface and Reason Essentials as a gift from my family to use with my PC. Thats what I'm hugging in the pic to the right.

They were hoping that I could record the music I had created for decades for prosperity's sake -thats all.

My self-esteem was low at the time and I thought of this as a hobby along side my full-time work. Needless to say, I didn't get too far with it at first. But the more I worked at it the more I saw that the songs had potential as did the producer I was working with, Per G Imsen from Sonic Media, Sweden.

After a while we started seeing the obvious limitations of the tools I was using and I invested in a better microphone (SE Electronics X1) and a Macbook with Logic. That's when the magic started to happen. All of the sudden the sound was much better and I could edit the music myself. Apple Store's One to One support was gold. I learned how to adjust my microphone with great plugins and got professional advice that shot me forward.

I studied Rob Williams about mixing techniques (Pro Sound Formula) and Felicia Ricci about vocal techniques on YouTube. Together with these two geniuses my voice and the music sounded better and better. I would even like to thank and recommend MusicTechHelpGuy Chanel on Youtube for all the great videos he's posted on how to use Logic Pro X. Amazing people these three.

Finally I could stand on my own two feet more and more and produce the music all by myself, (all the time leaning on PG). What would I do without PG from Sonic Media?!

Everything you need to know about music and mastering is on YouTube these days and almost always free. From learning about music theory to playing electric bass riffs to mastering. It's all there. You just have to work on your discipline and self-esteem. I had to and still do every day.



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