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Updated: May 15, 2020

About how focusing on the right thing(s) can change everything for the better


I had an art show back in 2014 with 44 different works of art ranging from oil paintings to airbrush painted steel to watercolours and ink drawings. Each piece of art had a story which I posted on the wall close to each work. The show was about women and stress - how it feels and what we can do about it.I was surprised that the very first painting I sold was a tiny little, framed canvas called "My Mistake". It was a white canvas with one tiny black spot on it. The story next to it explained how easy it is when you are 99% beautiful, talented, etc. to focus on the one defect you have instead and how easy it is for others to look at you in the same way - because we always tend to focus on what deviated from the norm or the context within which we find the "defect". I wanted us to remember the 99% that was good and focus on that instead.


Recently I was reminded of that work of art when my husband, suddenly took an interest in gardening. Well, not actually gardening but planting flowers in pots. For over a year we had a construction site in front of our kitchen window and it was so boring to look at. One day he decides that we should buy some larger ceramic planting pots and fill them with flowers and place them so we could see them from our kitchen window. So we drove to the store, bought pots, dirt and flowers and planted the flowers you see in the picture. Now, all the sudden our focus was not on the gravel but on the flowers! My husband loves standing and looking at the flowers from our kitchen window every day and comments them often. Think about it. It seems like the reverse of he "My Mistake" painting. But it is the same principle: We tend to focus on what deviates from the norm. In the case of the painting it was the mistake we focused on. With the flowers, it was the positive planted in the middle of the negative.


When we look at ourselves with God's eyes, the canvas is clean, we are forgiven, and the few flaws we have, he can bless. We receive his unconditional love and accept our whole selves because he loved us enough to pay with his own life for us although we are imperfect. We rest in the fact that we are wholly accepted, wholly forgiven and wholly loved. The world is like that construction site and you and I are "flower pots". As we are filled with the love of Christ and overflow we draw attention to God and his love for a grey and rocky world. So stop letting the few mistakes keep you from being a light in this dark world.

Music Update: I have been laying the final touches on Come to Me and recording a Swedish worship song together with some of my musician buddies, Mattias and Jakob. When I was done with a rough mix, I made a lyrics video for it called Jag Lutar Mig Mot Dig Alltid. Both the mix and the video are getting some editing and will be released this summer. Great!

Another thing is I am starting to play the bass in public. A big step for me as I am a newbie. Its fun. Here with my friend Christian after we played in the Sunday service. I had a blast so and they loved it to so I guess I found a new instrument to enjoy.

Here's wishing you a great summer!

Until next time......


Playing my bass!


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