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Nashville has a long music tradition

All the sudden things are moving....

Open Air Concerts/Jam Sessions this Spring and Summer of 2017

First of all, my husband and I have decided to start going out and jamming publicly with others in Malmö and Ystad this spring and summer. We are going to post the gig dates on this page and on Featherhead Media's Facebook page,

If you want to be a part of singing and prasing with us in Skåne, please subscribe to the Facebook page and to this home page to make sure that you always get the latest updates. Everyone can show up and be a part of these free events.

I am considering making a group on Facebook for those who want to get together and sing, praise, share the Good News, and pray for the sick in Malmö and Ystad. I will keep those who've subscribed posted.

Nashville in May

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by an A & R guy who had seen my homepage who invited me to come to Nashville for a meeting with other musicians and to promote the Change My Mind album. I had to quickly edit what songs I could, put together a demo and print inlays and stickers before sending a package with 25 CDs and other stuff to them. I'll be there between the 17th and 22nd of May. Prayers appreciated. You can even help me get the album done by spreading the word and sharing my homepage with all your friends on Twitter, Facebook....everywhere! Thanks!

Give Me Some Feedback

Finally I would really appreciate some feedback. I really want to know what you think! If you listen to the videos I've been putting out on YouTube and the music I've been posting on SoundCloud you maybe have some constructive criticism or positive ideas that could help me grow. If you have ideas on what you would like to see more of, or such, drop me an email at I'd really appreciate it!

The demo CD inlay sent to Nashville


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