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Updated: May 15, 2020

This is going to be an eventful week in an eventful year. After five years of learning the trade, dusting off old songs, writing new ones and learning audio engineering, music production and promotion and growing networks my music is finally going to begin to be published and distributed globally early this year.

I couldn't have done it without the support of my husband and many of you who root for me and my music. Thank you! And a big thanks to those who donate. This year will be an expensive one and all your donations really help us get the music and the Change My Mind book out. THANKS!

What's happening this week:

- I am completing the last song on the Change My Mind album, Everywhere. There are some issues left to fix. When it is done I'll send off all 12 to the mastering studio and they will then do the professional job of "cooking down the soup" - making the sound stand out and sound good no matter on what device it is played. That should take a few weeks. I'll keep you posted more regularly as things happen.

- l'm singing in the lead & recording sax on the song Midnight Lullaby. It is a happy go lucky single that I drop before the album as a teaser to build up peoples expectations and wake up their curiosity before the Change My Mind album drops.

On Wednesday, Dan Holmström is coming to play the saxophone solo on this track, and I am working on nailing the lead vocal. By next week I will be done with this mix and send it to the mastering studio for a check and then adjust it and then it gets mastered. I hope to release it globally on Feb 14th 2020.

- I will be meeting with a videographer to discuss collaboration on my music videos. He has the ability to film with professional cameras and drones. Something I know I am going to need in the near future.

- I will be interviewed by a major Swedish Christian newspaper on Friday about the single and album releases. He wants to hear my story, listen to my music and write an article about me. I must say I am nervous. Prayers appreciated. I have recently created a One Page/Press release that I can take with me. That cost me 1250 SEK ($132) because it was done professionally with a journalist. Here is the first side of it. Of course we will fill in the blanks when the music is mastered.

"One Page"/Press release ready:

- I am going to get my hair cut and highlighted on Tuesday so I look good for the interview. Also go through my clothes and find my own rock/grunge musician look. I think I cut my hair last about 6 months ago - trying to grow it longer. I also ordered a new t shirt for the music launches - hope it comes by Thursday!

Now you know what is going on this week. Until next time...God bless and take care!



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