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I hope you are doing exceedingly well. It's getting colder in Sweden and I enjoy lighting all the candles and getting a lot more work done now that the weather isn't beckoning me out. (We had the hottest and most beautiful summer in Sweden in 32 years!) I spent most of my time mixing and figuring out the best way to promote the album Change My Mind. It's a lot to learn.


on the Featherhead media homepage. I've added a tab for music and decided that I might as well try to get some of the songs I've recorded that are not on the Change My Mind album up for sale. They are only $1 a piece and then they are yours to listen to whenever and wherever you want. First up are the two versions of The River Inside of Me - an acoustic version and a slightly different electro pop version. Secondly I uploaded an instrumental piece called Echoes. More to come in the not too distant future. Just click on the pic to come to the music tab. Let me know what you think!


❤️If I could share one thing with you to inspire you today what would it be? Love yourself. It sounds so selfish, doesn't it? Loving yourself is not about putting yourself first, last and only. No. Loving yourself is the greatest way to build a foundation where you can love other people. Think about it. If you do everything for your family, colleagues and friends but don't get enough sleep, or food how long will you last? Sounds crazy, right? But that is exactly why I burned out years ago.

I loved everyone around me and was trying to be a good person but I failed to take care of my needs. Finally my body told me to take a break from the madness and I was forced to back down and learn to pace myself, live in the balance and take care of my needs.

This is the time of year (Christmas is only a few weeks away) when many of us forget ourselves and hit the wall. Please, please take time to love yourself each day. Your family colleagues and friends will love you for it. When your basic needs are filled, then you can be that super person you want to be.

And, if you want some more spark in your life listen to the new songs I just added in the music section


The Indie Musician's Diary Volume two is in the works. At least once a week I write what I have been doing to put the music forward. Volume 1 got to be almost 100 chapters long! It started to get too long so I started a new one. In it you can follow the steps I take as i learn the ropes to become a music producer and record label. I can't possibly write every detail but there is enough there for you, my community to follow the process and for other indie musicians to get tips and tricks. Check it out by clicking on the picture of the book on the right.

Do drop me an email and let me know what you want more of - music wise and inspiration wise. I am here to encourage you.

Until next time,

- Liz


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